Turning over a new leaf
with deciduous

Deciduous is a WordPress theme… A really awesome WordPress theme. It builds off of the foundation that Thematic and Sandbox laid. Can we make awesome better? Lets try and find out.

The thing is… WordPress has changed a lot since those themes were conceived. Deciduous is an attempt at re-imagining those ideas in a new way using current standards and the tools WordPress makes available to us now.

For starters you can look forward to HTML5 semantic markup and a responsive design out of the box. And by example Deciduous lays out a blueprint for designing child themes leveraging the power of Sass (for extending CSS), Compass (for vendor prefixing), Susy (Your grids, Their math), and Breakpoint (for Media Queries).

Deciduous tries to work smarter not harder with fewer templates using a broader cascade of template hierarchy to do the same amount of work as it’s predecessors with less overhead. It also takes advantage of template-parts to keep presentational markup in templates and not obfuscated within a labyrinth of included files.

Intuitive name spacing is another focus of the project. It’s aim is to make the theme easily interacted with and understood at a glance.

prefix purpose
deciduous_* prefixes generic functions
deciduous_do_* prefixes functions that call actions
deciduous_a_* prefixes action hooks
deciduous_f_* prefixes filter hooks
deciduous_p_* prefixes pluggable functions
deciduous_s_* prefixes theme_support features

A revised nomenclature is used for the filesystem adding transparency towards the focus of the individual files as well. An added benefit of putting power back into templates is that it reduces the size of the included files making them more digestible.

That’s a lot to take in so for now I encourage you to visit the GitHub repository, download the theme and kick the tires a bit. If you see something that could be better fork it and make it so.

Overall I think Deciduous is off to a great start but I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments. And if you like the direction it’s taking show your support by Starring the project on Github, and following this blog to stay tuned for development updates.

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  1. Martin Scott
    | Permalink

    Great to see this project. I used Thematic for years till it came to a major slow-down. Wish you well and will follow the development.

    • Gene Robinson
      | Permalink

      Right on. Hopefully in a couple of months it’ll be approved and in the WP.org theme repo.

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